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Actor & Performer, Vancouver BC



Seth Whittaker, aka sShoWw, born 1988

During Seth’s early years, his mother would frequently encourage him with the words: “Seth, make sure you always have more than one thing going on.” Incidentally, she also had many occasions to repeat the phrase: “Oh no – What happened?!!” With a “do first and ask questions later” determination, Seth found his way from the monkey bars to the cement, knocking himself unconscious on more than one occasion. Undaunted, Seth soon became active in many sports, including football, basketball and rugby.

Eager to express himself, Seth became more involved in performing after being sidelined by a series of sports injuries. Always passionate about acting, Seth also found a love for creative expression as a hip-hop artist.

To push himself to new levels as a performer (and heeding his mother’s early reminders to diversify!) Seth enrolled into an intensive professional acting course and studied under many renowned actors and industry professionals. During his stead, Seth performed lead and supporting roles in many films and theatre productions while continuing to write, record and perform music.

After two years of full-time study exploring all aspects of the actor’s craft, Seth jumped into professional acting with vigor and tenacity, booking roles on productions such as Night at the Museum 3, Continuum, X-Files and Falling Skies, just to name a few. There’s a lot to expect from Seth Whittaker and his ventures in 2016 and the years to come.

Cue the music.

Seth’s Demo Reel, 2016

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